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New AsPEN Office and Secretary

Dear AsPEN members,
        Thanks very much for all your effort and support in making the AsPEN sustainable. We would like to show our appreciation to Kiyoshi and NPO DSUR Japan for the management and maintenance of AsPEN office. We specially thank our secretary, Yukari, for her wonderful organization and great assistance to make AsPEN worked smoothly. 
        Because Yukari is going to leave the position by this month, after discussion with Kiyoshi we decided to move the AsPEN office to the Health OUtcome Research (HOUR) CenterNational Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan. The assistant, Hong-Chia (Hong+); email: yumemi@hourcenter.org.tw, will take over Yukari’s task and maintain the administrative works for our members. He will become the new contact person of the AsPEN office. Moreover, Hong+ will also help us to maintain and update the website of the AsPEN.
        To optimize the AsPEN website, we plan to register a new URL as: AsPENSIG.asia., and will use WordPress layout (https://wordpress.com/create-website/). We will keep all the current information on the website and at the same time trying our best to make it easy for browsing. Concerning this issue:
#1 We would be very grateful if you can share your thoughts on what information should be added to the new website.
#2 We would be very grateful if you can share good photos about AsPEN (symposium, meeting, poster walk etc.) to me or Hong+, so we can put it on the AsPEN website.
#3 If you found any better layout or templet for the webpage, please let us know.