1) The Asian Pharmacoepidemiology Network (AsPEN):
promoting multi-national collaboration for pharmacoepidemiologic research in Asia .

AsPEN collaborators1Andersen MBergman UChoi NKGerhard THuang CJalbert JKimura MKimura TKubota KLai ECOoba NPark BJPratt NRoughead EESato TSetoguchi SShin JYSundström AYang YH.

Published online 8 May 2013 in Wiley Online Library DOI: 10.1002/pds.3439
*All AsPEN collaborators are listed in alphabetical order.

2) Multi-country rapid adverse drug event assessment:
the Asian Pharmacoepidemiology Network AsPEN antipsychotic and acute hyperglycaemia study .

Pratt N1Andersen MBergman UChoi NKGerhard THuang CKimura MKimura TKubota KLai ECOoba NOsby UPark BJSato TShin JYSundström AYang YHRoughead EE.

Published online 21 May 2013 in Wiley Online Library DOI: 10.1002/pds.3440

3) Prescription sequence symmetry analysis:
assessing risk temporality , and consistency for adverse drug reactions across datasets in five countries.

Pratt N1Chan EW2Choi NK3Kimura M4Kimura T4Kubota K5Lai EC6Man KK2Ooba N5Park BJ7,8Sato T5Shin JY8Wong IC2Kao Yang YH6Roughead EE1.

Published online 2015;24:858-864.Wiley Online Library DOI:10.1002/pds.3780

4) Databases in the Asia-Pacific Region:
The Potential for a Distributed Network Approach.

Lai EC1Man KKChaiyakunapruk NCheng CLChien HCChui CSDilokthornsakul PHardy NCHsieh CYHsu CYKubota KLin TCLiu YPark BJPratt NRoughead EEShin JYWatcharathanakij SWen JWong ICYang YHZhang YSetoguchi S.

Published online 2015;26:815-820. PubMed

5) Variation in Association Between Thiazolidinediones and Heart Failure Across Ethnic Groups:
Retrospective analysis of Large Healthcare Claims Databases in Six Countries.

Roughead EE1Chan EWChoi NKKimura MKimura TKubota KLai ECMan KKNguyen TAOoba NPark BJSato TShin JYWang TGriffiths JWong ICYang YHPratt NL.

Published online 2015;Sep;38(9):823-31. doi:10.1007/s40264-015-0318-4.SpringerLink

6) International Multi-database Pharmacoepidemiology:
Potentials and Pitfalls

Edward Chia-Cheng Lai1,2Paul Stang3Yea-Huei Kao Yang2Kiyoshi Kubota4Ian C. K. Wong5,6Soko Setoguchi.

Published online 2015; 2:229-238. DOI 10.1007/s40471-015-0059-z. SpringerLink

7) Proton pump inhibitors and risk of clostridium difficile infection:
a multi-country study using sequence symmetry analysis.

Elizabeth E Roughead, Esther W Chan, Nam-Kyong Choi, Jenna Griffiths, Xue-Mei Jin, Joongyub Lee, Michio Kimura, Tomomi Kimura, Kiyoshi Kubota, Edward Chia-Cheng Lai, Kenneth KC Man, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Nobuhiro Ooba, Byung-Joo Park, Tsugumichi Sato, Ju-Young Shin, TongTong Wang, Ian CK Wong, Yea-Huei Kao Yang & Nicole L Pratt ,

Published online: 27 Sep 2016; Expert Opinion on Drug Safety 2016;15(12):1589-95 SpringerLink

8) Sequence symmetry analysis in pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiologic studies

Edward Chia-Cheng Lai, Nicole L Pratt , Hsieh CY, Swu-Jane Lin, Anton Pottegård, Elizabeth E Roughead,

Published online: 11 July 2017; European journal of epidemiology. 2017;32(7):567-82. SpringerLink

9) Comparative safety of NSAIDs for gastrointestinal events in Asia-Pacific populations:
A multi-database, international cohort study.

Lai EC1,2,3Shin JY4Kubota K5Man KKC6Park BJ4,7Pratt N8Roughead EE8Wong ICK9Kao Yang YH1,9Setoguchi S3,10,11.

Published online: 27 Nov 2018; DOI: 10.1002/pds.4663 PubMed