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The Prescription Sequence Symmetry Analysis (PSSA) Study 1

The Prescription Sequence Symmetry Analysis (PSSA) Study 1: 

Association between antipsychotic use and diabetes.


To test the feasibility of using a distributed model for undertaking studies in AsPEN.


A distributed network model was employed using fit for purpose code written by the University of South Australia to test the association between antipsychotic use and acute hyperglycaemia. Insulin initiation was the marker of acute hyperglcyaemia and prescription sequence symmetry analysis was the method used. Australia, Korea, Japan (two groups), Taiwan, Sweden and the USA all participated, with a collective population coverage of over 150 million persons.


The study demonstrated the feasibility of the method with all country able to implement the code in their existing datasets and providing results. The results of this study will be published soon.


Dr Libby Roughead, University of South Australia

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